Greetings from Montana!

We, Cathy and Doc,  wish all of you in the Doc Hammill Horsemanship community health, safety, and happiness as you read this and move forward in these uncertain times.

Hands On Workshops UPDATE

With everyone’s safety in mind, 2020 Montana Workshops at our Borderland Ranch have all been cancelled. Hands On workshops will resume in 2021 as soon as it is safe and comfortable for all.  Thank You to all our registered students for your patience and willingness to be rescheduled later. We will be adding workshops to accomodate both registered students and those wishing to register . 2021 Workshop details will be updated on our website regularly.  Feel free to email  for updates … or for up-to-the-minute information feel free to call Doc @ (406) 250-8252.

Learn at Home with Doc and Cathy

Our growing numbers of distance coaching students continue to have amazing sucesses. With our help students are transforming into the perfect leaders and trainers for their equine partners.

Doc’s Instructional DVDs

Doc’s timeless DVDs have helped thousands of people worldwide attain higher levels ofunderstanding, gentleness, skill, safety, and success with their equines. You can benefit from Doc’s lifetime of learning, experience, and teaching from the comfort of your home with the simple push of a button.

Doc and Cathy are always ready and willing to help you and your horses, mules, donkeys wherever you are.

Do you ever dream of having that perfect relationship with your horse, mule, or donkey? Do you ever dream of driving and working horses in harness, or dream of doing it better?

  • Doc working with Julia and 'The Boys' as they rake hay
  • Doc and workshop students at The Parey Farm, Minnesota
  • Welcome to Borderland Ranch

Doc Hammill Horsemanship helps people to understand and build relationships with their horses. We believe that YOU are your horse’s best teacher; we teach you to gently, safely, and effectively harness, hitch, drive, work and train horses through:

  • Comprehensive Horsemanship DVD series
  •  Workshops at our ranch in Montana and  around the country
  • Personalized Video and Telephone coaching
  • A new book, “Harness Lessons with Doc Hammill and Friends”
  • Private mentorship  on YOUR farm or ranch
  • Publications & Articles
  • Seminars and speaking engagements

“What I have come to call Gentle Horsemanship is actually a set of principles, an ethical code, for interacting with horses. It is based upon commitment to using only non-confrontational and nonviolent techniques, and upon accepting personal responsibility for the comfort and behavior of our horses. Gentle Horsemanship professes that horses effectively mirror our actions, reactions, and behavior and that to change their behavior we must first reshape ours.”

Doc Hammill