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2024 Workshops At Our Montana Ranch

We are currently booking students in our 2024 Driving, Working, and Training Horses in Harness Workshops!

Workshops limited to 5 hands-on students 


2024 Workshop Dates

May  19-25

June 16-22

September 8-14

October 6-12


7 smiling People and 4 horses in a group shot* smiling people holding 4 harnessed horses posing for a group photo at the end of a great workshop7 smiling people and one horse posing for a group photo at the end of a workshop7 smiling people posing with 3 harnessed horses

Greetings from Montana!

 We look forward to meeting you here! 2024 Workshop details are updated on our website regularly. Please  Contact Us with your questions. Man and woman driving a single horse hitched to a Meadowbrooke cart

“Cathy and I are reaching out to find special people to join us for these workshop weeks of learning, horses, and fun in 2024 .”  Doc


Doc and Cathy teach you to Truly Understand and Gently Influence Equines through:

Deeper Understanding of Horse’s minds

Better Communication

Stronger Relationship Building Skills

Improved Ground Work and Driving Techniques

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2022 Montana Workhorse Workshops will be held in the amazingly beautiful Mission Valley near Mission (St. Ignatius), Montana.

Ranch workshops are 5 full days of instruction and hands-on practice with an emphasis on safety, gentle and effective techniques for communicating and working with horses, horse husbandry, and the basics of harnessing, hitching, driving, and working horses in harness. Doc and Cathy have a great collection of historic, horse-drawn vehicles and farm equipment as well as modern horse-drawn equipment and vehicles as well that are used in the workshops.

Man coaching a woman driving a team of white Norwegian Fjord horses hitched to a passenger wagon

Depending on the focus of the clinic, students will learn about and may operate horse-drawn wagons, bale moving wagons, carts,  4- wheeled carriages, single or team walking plows, sulky plows, discs, harrows, mowers, hay rakes, buck rake, hay loader, manure spreader, fore carts, stone boats, a road grader, a Pioneer Homesteader, and an  Annies-All-In-One.

Woman coaching student driving a single red horse hitched to a horse-drawn cart


Students learn about and try their hand at many horse-powered tasks including maneuvering obstacle courses while ground driving horses, or with a single horse or team hitched to a wheeled vehicle, skidding poles and logs, pulling a load with a single horse or team hitched to a stone boat, or with a single horse or team hitched to a farm implement.


The horses are driven and worked single and in two-horse teams in the clinics for first-time students, and hitches of up to six in advanced and specialty workshops for returning students.


Woman coaching man learning to ground drive a Norwegian Fjord HorseExcept for specialty workshops, each class is limited to just five hands-on students to maximize personal instruction and driving time, allowing us to accommodate individual learning styles. We focus on the students where they are and want to advance to.

Throughout the week the content is determined, to a large degree, by what each student most wants to learn and experience. The approach is informal, relaxed, and flexible – and we have fun while learning.

Doc and Cathy’s workshops seem to fill earlier and earlier each year. The less flexible your schedule, the earlier you might want to book YOUR spot. There are occasionally cancellations in the workshops that Doc and Cathy host at the Montana ranch.

About the Ranch Workshops

Man back a team of horses in preparation to hitching to a wagon

Learn safety; gentle and effective techniques; and the basics of harnessing, hitching, driving, and working horses in harness while using Doc and Cathy’s horses, and the equipment of a working horse-powered ranch and the gentle and effective methods they have been so fortunate to learn from their mentors.

Special people, great horses, and a scenic  Montana ranch, all set the stage for a week of complete immersion into the world of driving and working horses in harness. Limited to only five hands-on students, the workshops are a personal, small-group learning experience and a unique Western adventure.

About Doc and Cathy

Doug Hammill, D.V.M. draws upon over 50 years of horse experience to mentor each student at their skill level. Cathy  Hammill works directly with students in the workshops as well; she draws upon her own lifelong horsemanship experiences as well as her professional background and professional experience as an educator.Woman driving single Suffolk horse hitched to a single bob sledMan driving a team of Suffolk Punch Mares hitched to a wagon in the snow







Workshop content is extremely comprehensive in scope and custom-tailored to each group. The wide selection of horse-drawn vehicles and machinery, the many horse-powered jobs performed, hay meadows and agricultural land, and the amazing backdrop scenery of Montana’s Mission Valley and Mission Mountains provide driving experiences that enhance learning and guarantee enjoyment.


About the Staff

Doc and Cathy’s Suffolk horses, one very special donkey,  their Norwegian Fjord Horses, and their Welsh pony, conduct all aspects of the Workhorse Workshops personally with the assistance of Doc and Cathy.  Some workshops occasionally include other horses, mules, and instructors.

A Norwegian Fjord horse team with full harness









Getting Here

Workshops take place at Doc and Cathy’s Montana Borderland Ranch, in the beautiful Mission Valley of Montana. The destination for those who come by air is Missoula International Airport at Missoula, Montana.  Transportation to and from the Missoula International Airport may be arranged for a fee with an airport shuttle.



2024 lodging will be provided at Borderland Ranch and is included in the workshop price.

Accommodations include individual sleeping rooms and a shared space for cooking, eating, studying, relaxing, and individualized learning during the workshops. Pictured below is the shared space of Borderland Ranch’s Student Learning Center.

photo of interrior of the Doc Hammill Horsemanship Student Learning Center


Photo showing the student library in the Doc Hammill Horsemanship accomodationsDoc and Cathy’s extensive library on all things horses, horse training, horse driving, horse-drawn agriculture, horse, mule, and donkey packing, and Montana history is available for students’ individualized study while at Borderland Ranch.

What to Bring
Happy workshop student
Happy workshop student

Doc and Cathy’s ranch sits at just under 3000′  elevation in the Rocky Mountains. Expect cool to cold nights (30 to 50 F) and cool to hot days (50 to 95 F).

  • Socks, underwear, etc.
  • Comfortable, rugged, preferably high-top footwear (suitable for irregular ground)
  • Washcloth, towel, hygiene articles
  • Rain gear and waterproof boots
  • Durable pants and shirts (some long-sleeved)
  • Cap or hat for sunshade
  • Gloves for driving – thin, form-fitted.
  • Warm clothes – coat, jacket, sweatshirt/sweater, vest, hat, long pants, and gloves
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle
  • Flashlight or headlamp, camera, binoculars
  • Bandanna or neckerchief
  • Favorite songs, stories, poems, etc.
  • Musical instruments
  • Insect repellent
  • Desire to learn and a sense of humor
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Good Horses, Great People, Fabulous Experience:

To reserve your spot in one of our driving clinics, call or email Doc or Cathy to verify that there is room in the workshop.

Once you are pre-registered for the workshop you are interested in, we welcome you to pay online,  by phone (credit card), or pay by check or money order. We also have payment plan options…ask us about that when you call or email.


$1995.00   ($100.00 discount for a limited time only!)

Contact Doc for Details 

(2024  full workshop price $2095.00, 6 nights lodging, and 5 FULL DAYS of workshop activities.)



 Workshop Cancellation Policy:

  • The first 1/3 of the price of the workshop is a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit.
  • The balance (2/3) of the price of the workshop is refundable in the event of cancellation by the student only if the canceled spot(s) in the workshop can be refilled 30 days before the workshop.
  • In the event of cancellation by the student less than 30 days before the workshop there will be no refunds.

There is a  shuttle service (fee is charged) providing transportation between Missoula International Airport-Missoula, MT, and  Doc and Cathy’s ranch at Mission, Montana. Ask either Doc or Cathy for details and contact information.


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