2019 American Suffolk Horse Association Gathering

Doc Hammill

at the American Suffolk Punch Association 2019  Gathering!

Doc will be making presentations at this Gathering
October 11, 2019:

4-5pm: Doc Hammill Road Pen Demonstration

October 12, 2019:

10-11am: Doc Hammill Round Pen Demonstration

Doc with one of our Suffolk Punch mares, Lily.


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Doc’s Philosophy of Gentle Horsemanship

“What I have come to call Gentle Horsemanship is actually a set of principles, an ethical code, for interacting with horses. It is based upon commitment to using only non-confrontational and nonviolent techniques, and upon accepting personal responsibility for the comfort and behavior of our horses. Gentle Horsemanship professes that horses effectively mirror our actions, reactions, and behavior and that to change their behavior we must first reshape ours.” Doc