Doc Hammill Horsemanship

Hitching Safely

Man demostrating proper sequense of Hitching horses to a piece of farm equipmenta forecart3 women attaching false shafts to a single workhorseSingle horse standing at hitch rail with cart attachedteam of Norwegian Fjord Horses standing at hitch rail, attached to forecartstudents practicing hitching single horse to a 2 wheeled cartStudents practicing hitching a single horse to a Meadowbrook cart

Wondering how to hitch your Horses up Safely? Below are links to “Hitching Safely”, an article featuring Doc Hammill originally published in the December 2012/January 2013 issue of Rural Heritage magazine. Author Jenifer Morrissey carefully documents Doc’s detailed steps for hitching your horse or horses safely to a vehicle or piece of equipment.

Download the “Hitching Safely” article…safeHitchingRHWinter2012

(PDF format)

See also Doc’s companion article “Preventing Wrecks with Driving HorsesArticle” (PDF format)