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What are Doc’s Instructional DVDs?

Doc’s timeless DVDs have helped thousands of people worldwide attain higher levels of understanding, gentleness, skill, safety, and success with their equines. You can benefit from Doc’s lifetime of learning, experience, and teaching from the comfort of your home with the simple push of a button.

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What Topics are covered in Doc’s Instructional Horsemanship DVDs?

Below, topics covered on each DVD or series are listed:

Fundamentals 1 and 2

Fundamentals 1 and 2Cover the basics of working with horses in harness. Topics include:

    • Getting Started
    • Lines And Line Board
    • Exercises with Lines
    • Line Chair
    • Commands
    • Catching and Haltering
    • Collars and Pads
    • Grooming
    • Hames
    • Introduction To Bits
    • Harness Up
    • Exercises With Cones
    • Team Lines Introduction
    • Hitching The Team
    • Driving Over The Tongue
    • Removing Harness
    • Communicating With Horses
    • Fitting Collars
    • Grooming
    • Properly Adjusted Harness
    • Adjusting Britchen
    • Harnessing Tips
    • Hitching the Single Horse
    • Bits
    • Introduction to Mowing
    • Securing Neck Yoke
    • Dump Rake
    • Adjusting Team Lines
    • Intro To Skidding Logs
    • Butt Rope and Jockey Stick

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Fundamentals 3 and 4

Fundamentals 3 and 4Continue the basics of working with horses in harness. Topics include:

  • Harness: Pull/Holdback
  • Hame Strap vs. Fastener
  • Hooking Up Single Lines
  • Hooking Up Team Lines
  • Preflight Check
  • Attaching Doubletrees
  • Lines: Control & Finesse
  • Horsedrawn Grader
  • Knots Review
  • Horse Follows Too Close
  • Footcare: Ready For Farrier
  • Coming When Called
  • Bridles and Check Reins
  • Breast & Pole Strap Options
  • Using The Buck back Rope
  • Reshaping Collars
  • Point Of Draft
  • Intro To Working In The Woods
  • Bungee Tie
  • Managing Collar Sores
  • Lines Hooked Up Wrong
  • Footcare: Trimming Feet

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What are people saying about Doc’s DVDs?

“Your DVDs are filling in the gaps in my knowledge. Revealing and carefully explaining to me what I didn’t know that I didn’t know. Unlike many instructional DVDs yours do not tempt me to hit the fast-forward button by redundantly plodding along too slowly. In fact, I was very pleasantly surprised to find unexpected nuggets of information in there on log skidding, trimming a horse’s feet, and the like. Another example of an old dog like myself learning new tricks and techniques was when you mentioned the reasoning behind your differing intonations using the ‘whoa’ and the whistle/go commands. A lightbulb went off when (via the DVD) you reminded me that ‘whoa’ is something that we want right now, while the go/giddup/whistle command is a request that we want to have the horse gently respond to instead of instantly taking off! I just love that and your DVDs are replete with that type of thing.” David

Teaching Horses To Drive: A Ten-Step Method

Teaching Horses to DriveIn this set of two DVDs, Doc uses a mule, a saddle horse, and draft horses to take you through his 10-step method for gently training horses to drive.

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Gentle Training 1: The Round Pen

Gentle Training: The Round PenIn this set of three DVDs, Doc uses a Clydesdale colt to carefully explain and demonstrate round pen techniques.

Three complete training sessions are captured in real-time.

6 full hours of instruction

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Gentle Training 2: Daily Opportunities

Gentle Training 2: Daily OpportunitiesDaily interaction can and should be more than just feeding and caregiving. These moments provide powerful opportunities for you to become your horse’s most important and valued companion, leader, and trainer. In essence — training all the time.

In this DVD, Doc will help you to work cooperatively and safely with your horses or mules.

1 3/4 hours of instruction

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Preventing Wrecks

Preventing WrecksLearn how to prevent common wrecks with horses in harness from a respected master horseman. This DVD presents essential advice regarding harness, equipment, knowledge, and skill.

One of the things I’ve learned over time is that the truly great teamsters rarely — if ever — have upset horses, close calls, mishaps, or wrecks, while the less meticulous horsemen often do. The master horsemen follow a set of safety rules and pay incredible attention to detail, which keeps them and their horses safe.” –Doc

1 1/2 hours of instruction

How can I purchase Preventing Wrecks?

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The Horses Can Do It!

Are Your children interested In Horses?

The Horses Can Do It!Move over dump trucks and other diesel-powered equipment! Here come the horses: Barney, Misty, Dillon, Tom, and Ginger! They’re ready for work! Watch the horses plow, make hay. and haul logs and firewood, and MORE!

“The Horses Can Do It!” captures the exciting sights and sounds of horses at work, intermixed with music. This is a delightful half-hour video for children of all ages.

Doc answers questions like, “Do horses sleep?” and “What do horses eat?” It’s sure to have everyone saying, “AGAIN!” Great for ages 2-8, and children of ALL ages!

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