Hitching donkeys for the first time

Hitching donkeys for the first time

From Doc:
Cathi and I had a fabulous day Saturday helping a delightful student named Mary hitch her two donkeys to a wagon for the first time. She has done a wonderful job of training them herself with little help other than one 3-day workshop with John Erskine and me a little over a year ago.

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  1. Congrats to Mary!! First hitches are so fun and so important to get the foundation work done ahead of it. I love the Calm look on the faces of the mules as if to say “No hurry, No worry”

    Well done.

    But what is that green stuff on the ground in the photos? We have less snow than Theresa mentions, but we haven’t seen that green stuff for a long time! Last evening during chores the temp was 0 degrees. That was the warmest evening chores we have done in weeks. If the temp stays down below 32 degrees for 3 more days, it will tie a 30 year old record for not going above freezing for the month of January.

    I love seeing the Photos of successful quiet starts as apposed to the war stories that seem so common place at driving horse gatherings.

    Have fun Mary!

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