A Gentle Horsemanship Message from Doc

A Gentle Horsemanship Message from Doc

Man with gentle hand on his horse's face
Doc Hammill and Misty

At Doc Hammill Horsemanship we help you to learn how to work, drive, and train horses in Gentle, Effective ways that make sense to equines.

Consider making 2022 the year that you advance your horsemanship skills by participating in one (or all) of Doc and Cathy’s many learning opportunities so that YOU understand and practice methods of interaction and communication that will change the relationship between you and your horse in amazing, effective, and positive ways.

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What is Gentle Horsemanship?
“What I have come to call Gentle Horsemanship is actually a
set of principles, an ethical code, for interacting with horses.
It is based upon a commitment to using only gentle, nonviolent
techniques, and upon accepting personal responsibility for the
comfort and behavior of our horses. Gentle Horsemanship
professes that horses effectively reflect our attitudes, actions,
reactions, and behaviors – and that to change theirs we must
first reshape ours”

Man with Mule on a lead rope
Gentle Horsemanship involves communicating in the
language of horses and using their logic, rather than expecting
them to use ours.
Gentle Horsemanship respects their inherent nature as horses and adjusts to
accommodate individual personalities and personal histories.
Gentle Horsemanship presents horses with options and
rewards them for choosing to be with us, willingly cooperating, and doing as we ask, rather than being
forced and punished. Gentle Horsemanship requires commitment, self-discipline, and time, but
anyone can learn and successfully apply the principles and techniques of
Gentle Horsemanship.” Doc Hammill

Photo of a man with hand on horse's muzzle