Doc Hammill Horsemanship

Doc Hammill Horsemanship

Doc Hammill Horsemanship

2024 Montana Workshops

We are currently booking students in our 2024 Driving, Working, and Training Horses in Harness Workshops!                  ...
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Personalized Distance Coaching with Doc

WhAt is Distance Coaching At Doc Hammill Horsemanship? Distance coaching has proven to be an amazingly effective and successful way for me to help students...
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Doc Hammill’s Instructional Horsemanship DVDs

What are Doc's Instructional Horsemanship DVDs about? Doc's timeless DVDs have helped thousands of people worldwide attain higher levels of understanding, gentleness, skill, safety, and...
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What is Gentle Horsemanship?

  What does Gentle Horsemanship mean to Doc and Cathy? There is a growing public awareness about a revolution in horsemanship that is rapidly spreading...
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Introducing Your Horse to Driving with A Bit

Hello, Doc -- I went for a few days to a very experienced driving instructor to introduce my Donkey to driving with a bit, as...
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