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Harness Lessons with Doc Hammill and Friends (Book) 
Harness Lessons with Doc Hammill and Friends (Book)

Now assembled in one place, this series of articles on harness and the teamster’s art by Jenifer Morrissey with Doc Hammill and Friends originally appeared in Rural Heritage magazine.

Introductory chapters include choosing a harness for your equine and understanding harness materials and styles. The key chapters on the geometry of harness adjustment and finding the ideal point of draft resulted from months of research and collaboration.

Rural Heritage’s publisher remarked, “Our most extensive articles on the most essential aspects of draft horse driving. Jenifer Morrissey's much researched articles cover everything you need to know to correctly adjust your harness and collars for the best performance and comfort. Accompanied by very helpful photographs and illustrations. You will keep and reread these articles forever!” And now it’s even easier to do that with the book Harness Lessons with Doc Hammill and Friends.

Doc Hammill’s decades of experience working equines in harness, coupled with his never-ending quest to ensure his equines work more comfortably and safely, gives him an unequaled perspective on the teamster’s art. Together with Jenifer Morrissey, a teamster in her own right, as well as numerous other master teamsters, this book about harness does not pretend to rely on or recommend a specific type of harness. Instead it discusses what is common to the use of harness from multiple perspectives.

Jennifer Morrissey, editor. Softcover, 184 pages. 2017.

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