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Doc Hammill: Fundamentals Set 1-2 (DVD) 
Doc Hammill: Fundamentals Set 1-2 (DVD)

Doc Hammill's Driving and Working Horses in Harness: Fundamentals 1 and 2 covers the basics of working with horses in harness.

Topics covered in Fundamentals 1:

Getting Started, Lines And Line Board, Exercises with Lines, Line Chair, Commands, Catching and Haltering, Collars and Pads, Grooming, Hames, Introduction To Bits, Harness Up, Exercises With Cones, Team Lines Introduction, Hitching The Team, Driving Over The Tongue, Removing Harness, Communicating With Horses

Fundamentals 2 topics include:

Fitting Collars, Grooming, Properly Adjusted Harness, Adjusting Britchen, Harnessing Tips, Hitching the Single Horse, Bits, Introduction to Mowing, Securing Neck Yoke, Dump Rake, Adjusting Team Lines, Intro To Skidding Logs, Butt Rope and Jockey Stick

Doug "Doc" Hammill, author. Two DVD disks, approximately 4 hours.
Price: $90.00
120.05 CAD 71.99 GBP 83.44 EUR


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