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Draft Horses: An Owner's Manual 
Draft Horses: An Owner's Manual

This manual for draft horse owners of the 21st century comprehensively covers the unique aspects of caring for draft horses, starting with the basics and monitoring draft horse health, then describing things that can go wrong and what to do if they do. Contents include:

Draft Horse Basics: Keeping Draft Horses Safe, Feeding the Draft Horse, Fat Is Good, Routine Health Care, Foot and Hoof Care

Monitoring Draft Horse Health: Health Clues, What Goes in Should Come Out, Analyzing Movement, Vital Signs

Draft Horse Disorders: Head, Skin and Hair, Lumps and Bumps, Breathing Hard, Gastrointestinal Problems, Back and Spinal Cord, Muscles, Joints and Legs, No Hoof, No Horse, Stallions and Mares, The Foal, What's Ailing My Horse?, Blood Testing, Giving Medications, The End.

Beth A. Valentine, author. Rural Heritage, publisher. Softcover, 231 pages.

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