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From My Hands To Yours 
From My Hands To Yours

Here at last is the book horse lovers have long awaited -- a thorough collection of the training techniques and philosophies of Monty Roberts.

In this book, Monty Roberts introduces the non-verbal Language of Equus which humans can use to communicate effectively with their horses. He outlines the  Dictionary of Equus, showing dozens of gestural statements made by horses and people and how they can combine to create a true dialog.

The heart of this book is a step-by-step explanation, copiously illustrated with drawings and photos, of how Roberts works with horses.

Doc reccommends this book is because he has personally learned and uses the Language of Equus and has advanced his own horse training skills as a result.

Monty Roberts, author. 230 pages, hardcover.

Price: $39.95
53.29 CAD 31.96 GBP 37.04 EUR


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