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Doc Hammill: Fundamentals Set 3-4 (DVD) 
Doc Hammill: Fundamentals Set 3-4 (DVD)

Doc Hammill's Driving and Working Horses in Harness: Fundamentals 3 and 4 continues Doc's coverage of the basics of working with horses in harness.

Topics covered in Fundamentals 3:

Harness: Pull/Holdback, Hame Strap vs. Fastener, Hooking Up Single Lines, Hooking Up Team Lines, Preflight Check, Attaching Doubletrees, Lines: Control & Finesse, Horsedrawn Grader, Knots Review, Horse Follows Too Close, Footcare: Ready For Farrier

Fundamentals 4 topics include:

Coming When Called, Bridles and Check Reins, Breast & Pole Strap Options, Using The Buckback Rope, Reshaping Collars, Point Of Draft, Intro To Working In The Woods, Bungee Tie, Managing Collar Sores, Lines Hooked Up Wrong, Footcare: Trimming Feet

Doug "Doc" Hammill, author. Two DVD disks, approximately 4 hours.
Price: $90.00
120.05 CAD 71.99 GBP 83.44 EUR


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