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Line Adapters, pair 
Line Adapters, pair

Doc strongly recommends replacing snaps on your driving lines with buckles to prevent serious accidents. See his article "Ten Common Wrecks" for the reasons why. These line adapters, designed by Doc, will convert your lines from snaps to buckles in just a few minutes without a trip to a harness maker.

How to install: First, unbuckle the conway fasteners on your existing driving lines (reins) and remove the snaps. Keep the conways, but set the snaps aside -- you will not need the snaps. This is a good time to clean the lines at the bit ends. Add a light coat of conditioner if the lines are leather. If the leather or synthetic material is cracked or damaged where it was folded around the snap, cut off the damaged part and punch new holes for the conway fastener. Fold each line around the adapter ring, and fasten the conway. Your lines should now look similar to those in the photo.

Priced per pair. One pair will convert the lines for one horse.

Price: $20.00
26.68 CAD 16.00 GBP 18.54 EUR


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