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Understanding Horses (DVD) 
Understanding Horses (DVD)

Have you ever wondered why some horses shy from a piece of paper, or won't step in a shallow puddle? The horse, like each animal species, has specific genetically-coded behavioral characteristics that enable it to survive in its natural environment.

Dr. Miller explains these ten qualities in horses, helping us to understand them and enabling us to shape and modify their behavior without the use of cruelty or physical force.

Dr. Miller will also show you how to solve common problems -- disrespectful, hard to catch, shying, balking, needle-shy, barn sour/herd bound, and more -- in a thoughtful, stress-free manner.

Robert M Miller, DVM, author. Two hours, 15 minutes.
Price: $39.95
53.29 CAD 31.96 GBP 37.04 EUR


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