Doc Hammill Horsemanship

Special: Women’s Workshop

Focusing on Horse-Powered Farming

Plowing with Ann
Plowing with Ann

The workshop will be 5 days:

  • May 29- June 4, 2016

This Hands-On workshop will be focused on farming with horses.  The clinic will focus on including horse-power in an existing or start-up market garden.

Each participant’s focus is often slightly to significantly different  for their ‘perfect’ farm-garden model. Since our  workshop is limited in size to just 5 hands-on participants, with two instructors, we have the freedom to customize the workshop to spend time on individual’s needs.

An underlying focus for this workshop will be Safety

Happy workshop student
Happy workshop student

Safely working with horses and farming equipment, line handling and communication skills, and horse husbandry is critical.

We will demonstrate and have students actively participate in harnessing the  horses, including adjusting harness for proper fit, evaluating harness for purchase, and discussions about and with examples of different styles of harness for different purposes. Collar selection, fitting and adjustment are topics that are covered in detail as well.

A great deal of time will be dedicated to student practice.

Barbara Driving team on the HomesteaderPractice of safe and proper hitching methods for using horses for ground work as well as hitching to two and four wheeled vehicles (carts, fore carts and wagons) and hitching horses to typically used farm equipment.

There will be discussion, demonstration of and student practice of driving horses: on the ground, in carts and wagons, and with farm equipment typical of a horse powered farm or ranch. Students will be driving with our well trained, quiet, and patient horses as singles and in teams of two.

As always at Doc Hammill Horsemanship Workshops, students will practice driving horses in safe, gentle, and effective ways that are good for both humans and horses.

During the workshop

DSC08770We will spend time helping students create a specific plan to help them set and reach goals to attain their dreams with their horses and farm or ranch at home.

Beyond the workshops, we have on-going learning, coaching, mentoring, and support options available to keep students continue learning, improving, and safely reaching their horsemanship goals.

Cheryl and CathyIf you have any questions, or would like to discuss any of this, please feel free to call either Doc (406-250-8252) or Cathy (406-890-3083) or email either of us.