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Personalized Distance Coaching with Doc

Learn and train at home with Personalized  Coaching with Doc

Distance coaching has proven to be an amazingly effective and successful way for me to help students improve their: understanding of horses, gentle horsemanship skills, safety, and driving and training abilities. Students work with their horse(s) at home and I coach and assist them from afar. It works best when combined with our instructional DVDs, and is supported by other information and learning aids that are appropriate for you and your horse(s) as you progress.

Man driving a single Norwegian Fjord horse hitched to a single plowthat a woman is handling

Our growing numbers of distance coaching students continue to have amazing successes. With our help, students are transforming into the perfect leaders and trainers for their equine partners.

Email is used for personal histories (horse and human), progress reports, brief questions, and responses, sending photos/videos/articles/etc. This all helps prepare for phone sessions, follow-up on them, and makes our time on the phone more effective and efficient.

All coaching activities are customized and personalized for you and your horse(s). You have complete choice on when you schedule phone sessions and when, how often, and how much time you spend interacting and practicing with your horse(s).


You can either pre-schedule a phone coaching session as you wish or alternatively choose a pre-arranged schedule (every two weeks or once a month for example). You provide progress reports by email and we exchange emails in between phone coaching times as you wish.

Phone sessions work best for me in the afternoon or evening. Any day of the week works for me subject to openings in my schedule.


My fees for phone/email/video coaching are based on $60. per hour, and are billed by the minute. (there is an initial $30. minimum charge for each phone session unless you choose one of our pre-payment options – in which case you are charged only for the actual minutes of all calls).


Payments can be made by check or credit card at the end of phone sessions, or at the end of any month in which there are charges. We also offer two prepayment options with some free coaching time included.

Pre-Payment Options:

1. Pre-pay $300. for 5 hours and you get 30 free minutes for a total of 5 1/2 hours.

2. Pre-pay $600. for 10 hours and get 1 free hour for a total of 11 hours.

When you prepay there is no $30. minimum charge – you are charged only for the actual minutes on the phone, and for my time reading and answering emails, etc.

A free trial coaching session is offered to anyone interested with no obligation. We offer this time to benefit the horses, mules, and donkeys. Additional free time is offered with the purchase of our instructional DVDs. The amount of free time is based upon the amount of DVDs purchased.

To have your questions answered or to schedule your free session(s) simply email ) or call me 406 250 8252.

When you are ready to start working with me as your coach and mentor the first step will be for you to email me a detailed description of your history and experience with horses and a list of your short-term and long-term goals and dreams with horses. I will also need a detailed description and history, and a photo of each horse that we will be working with – both from before you had them and since you got them. Please include photos and/or diagrams, and descriptions of the various pens, pastures, and other areas that you have to potentially work, train, and drive in.

Please let me know if you have questions, otherwise, contact me to schedule your free first phone session whenever you would like to get started.

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Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your horses and help you reach your goals and dreams with them!

With Appreciation,

Doc and Cathy Hammill

Here is a comment from BW Robinson, who has participated in Doc’s personalized coaching program:

“I worked my horse remotely with the most gifted horseman I ever met, Doc Hammill. Using his gentle horsemanship methods, he guided a troubled horse and a middle-aged first-time horse owner on a journey to understand and work with a horse and his true nature. The dramatic improvements I’ve seen in Ben since working with Doc Hammill has made this one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Doc Hammill has given of himself to teach and mentor me as he has done for many other horse owners. I encourage anyone who wants a special relationship with their horse to try Doc Hammill’s method.” BW Robinson