Accommodations at the B Bar Ranch

Accommodations at the B Bar Ranch

From Jane:
These photos just came in from Doc and the folks at the B Bar Ranch in Montana, home of the haying workshop July 12 – 18. I knew it was a nice place and all, but when I saw the photos, my jaw dropped. Seriously, I was not expecting this.

The B Bar is a private ranch and isn’t open to the public; Doc’s workshop participants are one of the few groups of people who have the privilege of enjoying the ranch during the summer. The result is a draft horse workshop and luxury vacation rolled into one, and there’s a special rate for spouses or friends who just want to hang out at the ranch or use it as a home base for touring Yellowstone.

Here’s the outside of the lodge where you can eat meals and hang out when you’re not working horses. You can either stay here in the lodge or in a private cabin.

The dining hall where you can enjoy gourmet meals prepared by Chef Aaron.
Another view inside the lodge. The perfect place to listen to Chef Aaron recite cowboy poetry after dinner or talk horses late into the night with Doc or Don Yerian.
All of the food is organic and much of it is grown in their large garden or in this greenhouse on the ranch.

Here’s one of the cabins:

The hayfield is shared with the thousands of elk around Yellowstone. Doc says this is about a quarter of the herd they saw that day.