"Live" blogging from The Natural Gait

"Live" blogging from The Natural Gait

From Jane Fallander:
Hi all. This weekend is the annual Doc Hammill workshop at The Natural Gait in beautiful northeastern Iowa. I’m originally from Colorado, and I have to admit I had pretty low expectations for Iowa. (Sorry Ioweigans.) However, when I first visited The Natural Gait near McGregor in northeastern Iowa, I was blown away. What amazing country!

The Gait itself is an incredible place. It’s a horseman’s getaway with state-of-the-art facilities that are comfy for horses and humans. Howard and Donna, the Gait’s owners, have a business selling cultivated native plant seeds, and The Gait is a showcase for native wildflowers.

This will be Doc’s fifth weekend workshop and we’re going to try something new: Live blogging. Okay, it may be more like semi-live blogging, as we cannot do constant updates, but the plan is to do many frequent blog updates each day so that everyone can have a taste of what’s going on at the workshop.

Doc will have his hands full teaching, so I will be the guest blogger logging in from The Gait’s Dining Hall.

I think there may still be some openings, so if you’d like to join the fun, call The Natural Gait at 877-776-2208. If you don’t have a horse or can’t bring yours, you can audit or they’ll fix you up with one.

I know Theresa and Steve will be there. Cathi G. is coming. Who else is coming?

Talk to you all soon!