Montana Workhorse Workshop July 10-16, 2011 Update

Montana Workhorse Workshop July 10-16, 2011 Update

Announcing New Staff at Doc Hammill Horsemanship!
Solven and Brisk step into their teaching positions at our Montana Workhorse Workshops!

Noah driving Brisk and Solven, White Fjords

Here is a picture of a great little (big for Fjords at 15 and 15.1 Hands) team that Cathy acquired last fall.  They have been just AWESOME in this, their first workshop here at Doc Hammill Horsemanship in Montana. 
We want to give our continuing thanks to Dave and Pam for training this great team and selecting ours as their second home in life. These experienced, smart, and gentle horses are proving to be the quiet, dependable, willing, solid, and powerful  BOYS that we hoped they would be.

The following video is of Laura, first time Doc Hammill Horsemanship student, skidding a small chunk of wood with  Solven.  This is Solven’s second time working single for us.  What we appreciate about this short video is  that Laura asks Solven to ease into his load, and he does; notice how he begins (and continues) his pull: quietly and careful eases into the work, and doesn’t hurry as he drags this log to the bigger pile.  Congratulations to Laura for her gentle commands and soft hands, a big Thanks to Brisk for being such a willing staff member! This is the epitome of relaxation and comfort, exactly what we want for ourselves and our horses as we work with them.

Laura working the Boys on a stone boat.