"The Mind of the Horse" Doc’s presentation at SFJ 2012

"The Mind of the Horse" Doc’s presentation at SFJ 2012

WOW!  This is amazing….nearly 100 people were up early to attend Doc’s presentation, “The Mind of the Horse” here at the Small Farmer’s Journal Auction on Wednesday.  It was a great turn out and fabulous beginning to activities at the 2012 Small Farmer’s Journal Auction.  Thanks to all who attended.

Below is a question from an attendee:


 I really enjoyed your class yesterday. Which of your  DVDs would you recommend to a beginner? I can harness and hitch but am pretty inexperienced.


Hi Ben, Thanks for your comment. There are two very important areas of consideration. The first area of consideration, the basics, details, and safety considerations of harnessing, hitching, driving technique, equipment, and working in harness are covered in our Fundamentals 1, 2, 3, and 4 DVDs. The second area of consideration, equally important, is an understanding of the nature of horses, how their mind works and how we can influence behavior and learning in ways they inherently understand and willingly respond to. These topics are covered in Gentle Training – The Round Pen and Gentle Training 2.