"The Mind of the Horse" presentation for Sunburst Foundation

"The Mind of the Horse" presentation for Sunburst Foundation

“Thanks to you & Doc for a great seminar on Gentle Horsemanship! So much to learn! You guys are great. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.” K from the Sunburst Foundation.

Doc and I had a terrific time doing  two nights’ presentation as a fund-raiser for Sunburst Foundation, http://www.sunburstfoundation.org/ in Eureka, Montana. Attended by 25 students both nights, it was a chance to share  information for horse enthusiasts in our community and to meet some of our great neighbors here in North West Montana.

Doc’s presentation, “The Mind of the Horse” gives students a foundation of information to understand horse behavior and the natural horsemanship approach to working with and training our horses.

For me, it is energizing to watch people as they listen to this presentation; hearing their insights and  ‘aha’ moments as they begin to understand why their horse behaves in certain ways, and also begin to understand how changing their own behavior will help their horse behave in a different way.

Thanks to you Sunburst, for having us.