The Natural Gait

The Natural Gait

A Quote from a student at the 2009 Natural Gait Clinic:

“This clinic was AWESOME! The people, the setting and the general atmosphere was like no other clinic we have attended. The free flowing of information was special.”

This Driving Clinic is one of the few that Doc holds where students may bring their own horses. This is a unique opportunity for students to have instruction directly related to them and their own horse or team of horses. Students may also come WITHOUT a horse, and drive the quiet, well trained horses that we will have there.

This is also a unique clinic in that Steve Woods and Theresa Burns are co-instructors with Doc. Students have tremendous advantage of three very knowledgeable instructors to help them advance their driving skills during the 4-day clinic.

Doc with Ike checking the harness fit

Pictured below are Doc and Steve helping 2 students work with their saddle horses laying a foundation for driving as a team.

Tennessee Walkers work side by side

To see the beautiful setting, fabulous accommodations and additional information, check out The Natural Gait website at

to make reservations, contact Linda at the Natural Gait, or 877-776-2208

Theresa helping a student work with the student’s team.

Karen, Theresa, Cowboy and Paige

Come join the fun, we hope to see you at The Natural Gait for DOC HAMMILL’S DRIVING CLINIC, June 23-26, 2011